Build Peace 2016

PeaceStartup will be part of Build Peace 2016, the global conference that brings together professionals, activists, artists and technologists around the world to share experiences and ideas for using technology, arts and research for peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

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You can be part of economic development. Be innovative. Take a risk. Be an entrepreneur, be encouraged to build your own future and realize your dreams and that of others.


If your country or place in which you live is undergoing a social conflict, or is in reconstruction, you are a fundamental part to achieve form a better society.


Technologies such as information and communication are key to raising innovative business models and growth and efficiency of new businesses.

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What is a PeaceStartup cycle?

A PeaceStartup cycle is a methodology of peacebuilding through technological entrepreneurships, which consists of three phases.

Phase 1. Identification & selection of Peace challenges


Finding real challenges of peace that become business opportunities for entrepreneurs, identification is performed with funding organizations and allies taking into account the complexity of the context, risk management and operation in divided societies.

Phase 2. The event: PeaceStartup Experience

For fifty-four (54) hours each team will develop a solution to the challenges of peace, they should be technological solutions that build peace. Solutions that best solve the challenge and have a better business model according to the jury awarded prizes, media exposure and support to carry these Startup success.

Phase 3. Support and training

The entrepreneurial teams chosen as best met the challenges of peace with a viable business model, they will have the support of PeaceStartup and its allies for training, mentoring and support to consolidate the business model and bring to market the product or service proposed.

A Great Alliance Behind

PeaceStartup was made possible through the initiative and support of the following organizations:

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